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Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada

Telephone: (204) 220-0737


Graphic Design and Illustration

3D Animation and Flash Animation

Writing poetry and short stories

Photography (SLR/DSLR)

Mountian Biking and Soccer

Camping, fishing and hiking

Politics and World Events

History and Science

Working with and troubleshooting computers as well as software.


I am a hard worker and willing to learn. I am adaptable to new situations; ambitious and confident in my artistic abilities but eager to learn new skills. The past 13 years in the graphic design industry has taught me the value of hard work, the importance of good time management and organization. It has also taught me the value of a good challenge.


Work references are available upon request.


Career Objectives

Education and Graphic Design Experience

Software Proficiency

Work Experience

Activities and Interests

Personal Information

Work References

Online Portfolio

Contact Information

Download Printable Resume (PDF)

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