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Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada

Telephone: (204) 220-0737


Obtain a full time position as a graphic designer, web designer or video and animation designer.

Ultimate Goal: Continue working in the field of graphic design and multimedia, eventually working as senior graphic designer in an advertising agency or design studio.


Advertising Art Diploma (1997 - 1999)
Red River College
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Advertising Art Advanced Diploma (1999 - 2000)
Red River College
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Advanced Diploma - Advertising Art: Multimedia, web design, 3D animation, advanced design theory, advanced typography, photography, career placement program.

Diploma - Advertising Art: Graphic design, illustration, typography, marketing strategies.

18 years’ experience in photography (SLR and DLSR) with
darkroom experience.

Proficient with both Macintosh and Windows operating system platforms.

Extensive knowledge of video production (HD/SD, NTSC/PAL) and digital animation using Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Flash.

2D and 3D animation including 3D modeling, digital animation and traditional cell animation.

Experienced with HTML, Java Script, Jquery, CSS and some DHTML. Some PHP experience as well. Specialized in multimedia, web optimization / standardization and search engine optimization.

Flash animation and development using Action Script 3.


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Download Printable Resume (PDF)

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