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Project Details

McDiarmid Lumber (Farm & Commercial Buildings)

Promotional Video

After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender 3D

Graphic design, animation, video editing, sound editing, 3D Modeling

Click image to view movie.

McDiarmid Farm & Commerical Buildings is a division of McDiarmid Lumber which manufactures a variety of farm and commercial buildings. This video was meant to be used at various tradeshows throughout the year. The video was played on high definition TVs at the McDiarmid Farm and Commercial display booth. The original video was 11 minutes long and had no sound. The video was a transitional slideshow that provided useful information to viewers at the tradeshow. Eventually, new versions were created with sound, the video was shortened and then posted onto the company website. The posted video ended up being around 3 minutes.

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