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Project Details


Large Illustration

Pencil and pencil crayon

Artwork, concept and execution

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This illustration was a college project at Red River College. The exercise was to find a magazine article and produce an illustration for that article. This illustration is based on an article from Omni magazine that discussed Erich von Däniken's theory that the development of early humankind was influenced by extraterrestrials. This became known as "The Ancient Astronaut Theory". The basis of this theory is that many of the ancient wonders of the world could not have been possible for early civilization because they did not have the technology or means to achieve such accomplishments. This illustration depicts an alien intervention on Easter Island. The alien portrayed in this image has a likeness to the statues of Easter Island. This was an ideal subject because scientists are not sure how the statues were built. These notions of outworld influence are debatable and are most certainly based on imagination, more so, than actual fact.

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